Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 27

We JUST received Frisbee Golf discs. We now have over 100 varieties ranging from $9.99 to $22.99. So get out and play on such wonderful days we have been having!!

We also received Aerobies of all kinds.

We have a few of new dirt bags.

For outdoor play we have kites, pogo sticks, Foxtails by Klutz.

And when you get tired we have a couple of great new games, Pentago by Mindtwister, (a Fun game for two, get 5 in a row with a twist.) Spy Alley, and out favorites keep selling Blokus, Knet, Settlers of Catan, Carrossome.

For you travelers we have new Scratch Art, Sticky Mosiacs, etc.

Stop in and have some fun.

Friday, May 15, 2009

May 15th

We received some great new games from EEBOO.

Travel memory games, paper dolls and matching games.

We also found at toy fair these great sabers, for older children. They are made of noodles ( like in the pool) and covered with a sock like material.

We have a wide selection of webkinz and regular plush.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


We Still have a limited number of Extraganza pets for a $1.00. So hurry in.

May 14th

Sorry, I haven't blogged lately. I lost my password. But we have received some great new TOYS.
We have Scratch Art..special papers that you just scratch off the covering to create your drawings. These look are inexpensive, so will be great for an afternoon of fun or for travel.

We also have Sticky Mosaics.

We received some great new Klutz books and some old favorites.

We have some new science kits, Snap Circuits.

We have more BC collectible erasers.

WE received more Thomas the train sets--wooden.

New Taggies for Babies, new organic style also.

We still have a great game selection for all ages. Travel, Bananagrams, LCR, Star Trek Sceneit.